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Drink & Draw with Sébastien Vassant

On Tuesday 19th May at 6 P.M, the Mediatheque is organising an on-line “Drink & Draw” workshop with comic books artist Sébastien Vassant.

Interview with Adeline Dieudonné

Adeline Dieudonné's debut novel Real Life was published in France in summer 2018 and has now been translated into English

A tribute to Anthea Bell

Anthea Bell, a grande dame of literary translation, died today age 82. She was particularly known for her translations of Franz Kafka's...

ALCEST at Meltdown Festival 2018

The French atmospheric metal band Alcest played at the Southbank Centre in London as part of the 2018 Meltdown Festival, a series of...

Who is Barroux?

Barroux is a household name in contemporary French illustration. He was born in Paris but grew up in Morocco, returning to France to...

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