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Boek-LAB #10 The French bookshops’ September selection from London, Amsterdam and Berlin

Boek-LAB #10 offers you a selection of books carefully chosen by French Bookshops from London, Amsterdam and Berlin to discover Boek-LAB Each month, the Instituts français from Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom share their book recommendations from prestigious bookstores which promote francophone literature in three major European cities: Le Temps Retrouvé (Amsterdam), Librairie La Page (Londres) et Zadig Buchhandlung (Berlin). Clara lit Proust, Stéphane Carlier

2020 | Best children's books (6+)

Discover our favourite picks for older kids and teenagers, from stories empowering women in our nowaday world or in the prehistory, to adventures at sea or in fantastic lands. Romance, humour, mystery and emotions await our young readers. 6-9 years old Elle a dit non !, Hélène Leroy & Sylvie Serprix | Talents Hauts In a prehistoric context, this short novel highlights what domestic violence is and the power of the word “no”. One day, Woman has enough of Homo Brutus’s behaviou

2020 | Best fiction, autobiography and memoirs

The best novels of 2020 highlight empowered women’s voices: Vanessa Springora reclaims her own story after being abused by famous French writer Matzneff as a young teenager, Constance Debré asserts her individual and sexual freedom despite all social norms, Dima Abdallah speaks of exile and uprooting as a French Lebanese women. Camille de Toledo explores the historical and transgenerational traumas which shape our personal histories and Hervé Le Tellier develops a deep existe

Daughters of de Beauvoir: Feminism at Beyond Words Festival

Because literature is such a powerful way to shape and shift mentalities, our French Literature Festival Beyond Words, which will take place between May 15th and May 20th, will have a feminist orientation aiming to offer a platform for expression to French writers who have written about feminism or consider themselves to be activists. Several of our guest authors are known for their feminist commitment. In the context of the seventieth anniversary of the publication of Simone

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