Top 5 picture books about friendship

You’ll find below our selection of five picture books proving that friends achieve better things when they are together! GOGO ET GOLO...

Drink & Draw with Sébastien Vassant

On Tuesday 19th May at 6 P.M, the Mediatheque is organising an on-line “Drink & Draw” workshop with comic books artist Sébastien Vassant.


Comic books are an essential part of French society and the Ministry of Culture has announced that 2020 would be dedicated to the 9th art

French Films on streaming platforms

Meanwhile the Médiathèque and the Bibliothèque Quentin Blake of the Institut are closed, we've compiled a list of streaming platforms

Interview with Adeline Dieudonné

Adeline Dieudonné's debut novel Real Life was published in France in summer 2018 and has now been translated into English