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2021 | Comics & Graphic Novels

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

This is our eclectic list of graphic novel ranging from autobiographical tales to sci-fi dystopia. There will be familiar names here, there will be creators you have never heard of, and undoubtedly there will be omissions that may raise an eyebrow. Overall the level of visual artistry and storytelling is high, colourful, unique, and we cannot wait for you to read these !

Nowhere Girl, Magali Le Huche | Dargaud

This is the story of a girl growing up in the 1990s – a middle-schooler who finds herself lost in the gulf between childhood and adolescence, developing paralysing fears of failure, school, other people, and her own changing body. She becomes obsessed with the Beatles… which might be just what she needs to find her way back to being okay. Yeah yeah yeah!

Magali Le Huche was the Institut français' artist in residence in 2019. In the footsteps of The Beatles in Liverpool and London she developed drawings and her ideas for this stunning graphic novel which received the 'Pépite BD' in Montreuil 2021.

Le long des ruines, Jérémy Perrodeau | Éditions 2024

The world is now made up of one city. A psychiatrist and elite soldier, Samuel F. Monroe travels the Infinite City to help his patients, delving into their sleeping brains in search of lost consciousnesses. The wealthy Midori family call on her talents to help Rose, who has been in a coma for years. Anha, Rose's sister, accompanies the healer on his expedition.

Jérémy Perrodeau creates a stunning futuristic story that mixes real and virtual worlds.

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Dessiner encore, Coco | Les Arènes BD

"The attack of January 7, 2015 revolves around my head. Everything crashes into me but the drawing resists. Alone in the psychotherapist's office, I try to put words to the unspeakable. The hostage-taking. The shots. The silence. Images. How to explain the fear? Why do I feel so guilty?"

The designer Coco recounts her January 7, 2015, and the long road to her reconstruction. She delivers the graphic story of an interior journey, modest and authentic.

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Chroniques de jeunesse, Guy Delisle | Seuil / Delcourt

Combining autobiographical and documentary aspects in his work, Guy Delisle gained popular and critical acclaim for books such as A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting and Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City. In his latest book, Chroniques de Jeunesse, Delisle relates his experience as a student working in a paper factory for a few months in Quebec City. Delisle combines personal anecdotes with a more objective analysis of the workplace environment, resulting in a funny, intimate, sometimes moving account, which also addresses the unequal and painful conditions of factory work.

Paul à la maison, Michel Rabagliati | La Pastèque

The latest installment in the long-running, semi-autobiographical Paul series, Paul à la maison is arguably the most melancholic book by Canadian cartoonist Michel Rabagliati. It is also a humorous, emotional and riveting personal account. A successful cartoonist now in his mid-50's, Paul lives in a house he used to share with his recently divorced wife and with his daughter, who has now left to go to university. His shoulder is aching, his backyard full of weeds and the swing in it sits idle, slowly rusting. Approaching these issues with self-deprecating humour, Paul à la maison is a playful, poetic and intimate book which tackles universal issues such as loss, loneliness and life changes.

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