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3 African video game studios to look out for in 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Mobile games represent a growing market in Africa and these past few years an increasing number of developers launched their startups in order to offer a representation of the world from their side of the globe. To celebrate International Francophonie Day, let's have a look at those who create, produce and market video games in French-speaking countries.

Kiro’O Games | Cameroon

Guillaume Olivier Madiba founded the Cameroonian studio Kiro’O Games in 2012. After a successful crowdfunding campaign the studio released their first game in 2016 called 'Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan' . It is acaptivating fantasy RPG telling the story of Prince Enzo Kori-Odan, who becomes the victim of a coup and must go on a journey with his wife to find allies and regain his throne. This game also pays homage to African mythology and explores the meaning of life and one’s legacy. Since its release the game has received critical acclaim and has even been turned into a comic book series.

DigitalMania | Tunisia

DigitalMania Studio is the first independent video game developer in Tunisia and was founded by Walid Sultan Midani in 2012. Since then, they have developed multiple games from mobile to serious games and virtual reality experiences. Their latest game, the award-winning 'Warshmallows', is a local and online multiplayer platform fighter in which you’ll have to take control of a Warshmallow to hop, dash and shoot to be the last one standing!

Kayfo Game Studio | Senegal

Kayfo Game Studio is a Senegalese mobile video game studio launched in 2019 by Julien Herbin. Their games are specifically tailored for the African market as they offer content and contexts proper to the continent. Their first mobile game 'Afro Juggle' was released in July 2019 and more recently, they developed 'Clean my beach', a mobile casual video game raising awareness of ocean pollution: the player has to collect rubbish on the beach to restore its natural ecosystem.

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