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5 French Video Games about memories

As we celebrate Marcel Proust’s 150th birthday in July, let’s look back at one of his most well-known literary tricks: eating a madeleine (type of sponge cake) and suddenly remembering lost childhood memories. The treat is at the heart of the ‘In Search of Lost Time’ series and it has had such an influence that now, for any phenomenon triggering a lost memory, the comparison with the “madeleine de Proust” is often referred to.

Plenty of video games are connected to memories themes and we have selected our favourite five by French studios.

DON'T FORGET ME | 2021 - PEGI not mentioned

Studio: The Moon Pirates

Available on: PC, Mac and Linux

This jazz-punk adventure game is a narrative investigation in which the player has to explore patients’ memories using key words to protect their freedom. Peoples' memories are at the heart of government conspiracies; it is key to outsmart their plans.

Disclaimer: The game deals with subjects that may offend some people: alcohol, physical and moral violence, murder, blackmail, suicide, drugs, manipulation, etc.

TELL ME WHY | 2020 - PEGI -16

Studio: DONT NOD

Available on: PC

This multi-award-winning narrative adventure game tells the story of two recently reunited twins, Alyson and Tyler, who use their supernatural bond to unravel memories from their troubled childhood. Set in a small fictional town in Alaska, the player's choices, through the invocation of past memories, will affect the twin’s future.

NEURODECK | 2021 - PEGI - not mentioned


Available on: PC, Linux, Switch

Neurodeck is a psychological deckbuilding card game about mental health that will help the player challenge its inner fears. By conjuring memories from his/her past, he/she will explore their subconscious and defeat monsters inspired by real life phobias.

REMEMBER ME | 2013 - PEGI - 16

Studio: DONT NOD

Available on: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

'Remember Me' is an action/adventure game taking place in a Neo-Paris set in 2084. The heart of the city now belongs to Memorize, a big society controlling all the memories of Neo-Parisians. Amnesiac Nilin will try to recover her stolen past.

SACRAMENTO | 2016 - PEGI – not mentioned

Developed by: Delphine Fourneau

Available on: PC, Mac, Linux

This stunning game based on Delphine Fourneau’s sketchbooks tries to capture emotions and fleeting memories before they disappear. The player will be drifting through an uncanny landscape and won’t have anything else to do but to enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

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