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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The 23rd edition of the South Ken Kids Festival is starting on Monday 16th, November 2020! Get ready for this week of online fun by reading tons of stories on kindness, fraternity and diversity, available from the digital library of the Institut Français.

C'EST MON FRERE by Lenia Major and Claire Vogel

In this sweet picture book a young panda is the brother of a tiny dinosaur. Physically, they have nothing in common, however, they enjoy the same games, the same stories, and most importantly, their parents hug them the same!

CHAPILLON by Layla Benabid

Chapillion is a charming wordless tale in which a malicious cat desperately tries to catch a beautiful butterfly. But this chase might lead to the start of a lovely friendship…

C’est à moi will resonate with kind children, who every once in a while, have a hard time sharing!

Balthazar, Vladimochka, Ronald, Pearline, Najuat, Mitsuko and Ryad never met because they live in different parts of the world. However, through their portraits, readers discover their faces, their tastes and their sensibilities... All of them might just have more similarities than we think!

Nice is a boy who lies all the time. He’s even a bit mean! Pretty is a girl who lies too, but she is very nice. So, when Nice becomes violent, Pretty finds stories that magnify life and soothe Nice. An interesting picture book made of splendid illustrations.

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