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6 of the best picture books about bears

Along with the wolf, the bear is one of the stars of children's literature. Sometimes scary, gruff or cuddly, this wild animal is the hero of many wonderful stories. Our librarian has chosen 6 original stories that celebrate bears by talking about many aspects of life: from boredom to adventure, from accidents to precious friendships.

All of these books are beautifully illustrated with different techniques, from painting and drawing to Risograph and ink. Growl with delight at these bear stories!

Join our bear themed story time on the 7th March!

Book cover: Pompon ours dans les bois by Benjamin Chaud

Pompon ours dans les bois

Benjamin Chaud

Pompon Ours lives with his family and friends in a lush forest full of fun details. But the little bear is bored! He would like to be a little boy, so he decides to leave everything and... Oh! He stumbles across an incredible house with many rooms and floors at the edge of the forest! Enthusiastic and intrepid, will he be brave until the end? Benjamin Chaud's illustrated book is a large, long format that allows us to immerse ourselves in the illustrations, which are full of elements to pick out. A book to look at for hours and which will make children want to transform themselves into... bears!

Book cover: L’ours Kintsugi  by Victoire de Changy & Marine Schneider

L’ours Kintsugi

Victoire de Changy & Marine Schneider

Kintsugi is an ancestral Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics using lacquer sprinkled with gold powder. In this story, Kintsugi is the name of a solitary and majestic bear that, one day, falls from a cliff. And like a delicate piece of porcelain, he is shattered into a thousand pieces. But the little Kaori discovers him in the forest and takes care of him. The bear sewn with gold thread becomes precious. A powerful picture book on the sensitive subject of accidents. A book also about resilience and the acceptance of those visible reparations that make us stronger and more cherished.

Book cover: Björn: six histoires d’ours  by Delphine Perret

Björn: six histoires d’ours

Delphine Perret

Björn lives in a cave in a forest surrounded by many friends- Fox, Weasel, Rabbit, Badger and Owl. Sometimes they have great adventures, such as the surprise arrival of a soft sofa or the sudden idea to organise a carnival with human costumes. And then sometimes... nothing happens. It will be about medical check-ups, forks, honey and as well as hibernation, of course. Six stories, six kind and funny moments in Björn's life, that celebrate the beauty of nature and the quiet life.

Book cover: Ours à New York by  Gaya Wisniewski

Ours à New York

Gaya Wisniewski

In this large black and white album, a huge bear appears between the buildings of New York drawn in ink. Only Aleksander, serious and lonely, sees it. Aleksander has a good job, a nice flat, but he is terribly bored in this routine. The Bear is there for him, to remind him of his pleasure in drawing and his buried childhood dreams. Will Aleksander listen to the Bear who shows him the way to another possible life? A great book about the importance of pursuing your dreams.

Book cover: Hiro : hiver et marshmallows by Marine Schneider

Hiro : hiver et marshmallows

Marine Schneider

The bears hibernate all winter, but young Hiro is too curious to stay inside and sleep. She decides to go on an adventure and discovers footprints in the snow. Great, there's a party around a fire ! But all the children run away when they see her. All of them? No, little Emile stays hidden, intrigued. By the fire, Hiro and Emile will meet. A book as sweet as marshmallows about meeting and learning about each other. Because although we are different, aren't we all a bit the same?

Ce matin by Junko Nakamura

Ce matin

Junko Nakamura

In Ce matin, the central character is a bear who lives in a nice little house with his little dog Yupi. A bear? Yes, a bear who sleeps in his pyjamas, drinks his coffee from a mug and gets ready to for the day. He is a bear who looks a bit like a teddy bear and above all, like a human. A book that celebrates that great daily event: the morning. All those little important things we do to start our day well. Junko Nakamura's illustrations are as soft as the theme of the story. A picture book that puts you in a good mood!


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