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Author & Pop-Up Artist Paul Rouillac, guest at Quentin Blake Library

The talented author and pop-up artist Paul Rouillac was invited to present his work at the French Institute and he ran marvellous workshops with both children and adults.

Born in France, Paul Rouillac studied bookbinding in London before designing his own creatives pop-up books. He earned great success with the publication of Gargouilles, a tribute to gargoyles in beautiful cathedrals as well as with Zodiaque, giving life to ten fantastic creatures inspired by the Zodiac signs.

We were delighted to receive such a skilled artist and so were the participants of his workshops! It was the opportunity to share tips and tricks on how to make a book that grows, pops and surprises the reader at every page.

Please find below a list of his published books:

- Gargouilles (2012, Mango jeunesse)

- Créatures fantastiques (2015, Seuil jeunesse)

- Mon premier astrolabe (2016, Fleurus)

- Zodiaque: créatures célestes (2016, Seuil jeunesse)

Don't miss our next workshop with Illustrator Sandrine Bonini on saturday 11 May. Known for her colourful and joyful visuals, you will embark on a journey celebrating the art of collage and be shown how to create a panomaric view of an imaginery landscape.

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