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Book of the week: MEDICINE: A GRAPHIC HISTORY by Dr. Jean-Noël Fabiani and Philippe Bercovici

Medicine: A graphic history by Dr. Jean-Noël Fabiani and Philippe Bercovici has been published by SelfMadeHero and translated by E. Gauvin thanks to the support of the Institut français du Royaume-Uni via our Burgess Translation Programme.

"This comic will feed you amazing information so painlessly you’ll barely realise how much you’re learning. » The Guardian Graphic Novel of the Month

In the Middle Ages, surgery was left to barbers, owing to their skill with sharp instruments. During the French Revolution, doctors were banned from hospitals. In the mid-19th century, the diverting effects of laughing gas inadvertently led to the discovery of anaesthesia. Three decades later, Louis Pasteur made a crucial breakthrough in his research into vaccination because his assistant decided to go on holiday. In Medicine: A Graphic History, surgeon and professor of medical history Jean-Noël Fabiani stitches together the most significant and intriguing episodes from the story of medicine, from chance breakthroughs to hard-won scientific discoveries, featuring a vivid cast of history’s most dedicated and often heroic personalities. Spanning centuries and crossing continents, this fast-paced and rigorously detailed graphic novel guides us through one of the most wondrous strands of human history, covering everything from bloodletting to organ donation, plague to prosthetics, X-rays to Viagra.

Also available in French, on Culturethèque – the digital library of the Institut.

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