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Burgess Grant results for 2022

After the Burgess committee met for stimulating and fruitful discussions, we are happy to announce the 17 recipients of this translation grant, out of the 31 applications received.
Applications for the 2023 Burgess Grant will open in October 2022 and close in December.

- Atlas Press ; Antonin Artaud; The True Story of Artaud-Momo translated by Peter Valente
- Fitzcarraldo Editions ; Laurent Mauvignier ; Stories of the Night translated by Daniel Levin Becker
- Gecko Press ; Clotilde Perrin; Gotcha! translated by Daniel Hahn
- Harvill Secker ; Edouard Louis ; A Woman's Battles and Transformations translated by Tash Aw
- Héloïse Press; Nina Bouraoui ; Satisfaction translated by Aneesa Abbas Higgins
- Les Fugitives ; Lucie Paye; The Woman in the Garden (working title) translated by Natasha Lehrer
- MacLehose Press; GauZ' ; Standing Heavy translated by Frank Wynne
- Mountain Leopard Press; Morgan Audic ; Good Reasons to Die translated by Sam Taylor
- Mountain Leopard Press; Iegor Gran; The Competent Authority translated by Ruth Diver
- Nobrow Ltd; Magali Le Huche; Nowhere Girl translated by Jessie Aufiery
- Pluto Press; Mickaël Correia ; A People's History of Football translated by Fionn Petch
- Polity; Cynthia Fleury; Here Lies Bitterness translated by Cory Stockwell
- Pushkin Press; Aline Kiner; The Night of the Beguines translated by Susan Emanuel
- Saqi Books; Faiza Guène; Discretion translated by Sarah Ardizzone
- Scribe Pub; Guillaume Pitron; Digital Hell translated by Bianca Jacobsohn
- Self Made Hero; Catel et Boquet; Alice Guy translated by Edward Gauvin
- Verso Books ; Jean-Baptiste Fressoz et Fabien Locher ; The Sky Revolts: A New History of Climate Change translated by Gregory Elliott
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