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Burgess Grant results for 2023

It's that time of year again! After the Burgess committee met for stimulating and fruitful discussions, we are happy to announce the 16 recipients of this year's translation grant.

Fiction/Narrative non-fiction

-Gallic Books: Antoine Laurain, An Astronomer in Love, translated by Louise Lalaurie Rogers

-Harvill Secker: Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, The Most Secret Memory of Men, translated by Lara Vergnaud

-Harvill Secker: Edouard Louis, Changing: A Method, translated by John Lambert

-Héloïse Press: Mariette Navarro, Ultramarine, translated by Cory Stockwell

-MacLehose Press: Gauz', Comrade Papa, translated by Frank Wynne

-MacLehose Press: Marie NDiaye, Vengeance is mine, translated by Jordan Stump

-MacLehose Press: Maylis de Kerangal, Canoes, translated by Jessica Moore

-Mountain Leopard Press: Marie Vingtras, Blizzard, translated by Stephanie Smee

-Pushkin Press: Abigail Assor, As Rich as the King, translated by Natasha Lehrer


-Les Fugitives: Clara Schulmann, Chicanes, collective translation

-Mountain Leopard Press: François Kersaudy, Kersten's Lists, translated by François Kersaudy

-Pluto: Lamia Ziadé, My Great Arab Melancholy, translated by Emma Ramadan

-Polity: Catherine Malabou, Stop Thief! Anarchism and Philosophy, translated by Carolyn Shread

-Polity: François Sarano, In the Name of Sharks, translated by Stephen Muecke

-Verso: Frédéric Lordon, Figures of Communism, translated by Andrew Bliss

With all our congratulations to the publishers and translators working on these translations, we look forward to seeing them in print!

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