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Drink & Draw with Sébastien Vassant

On Tuesday 19th May at 6 P.M, the Mediatheque is organising an on-line “Drink & Draw” workshop with comic books artist Sébastien Vassant. This is a special edition in our French Comics Apero series, the new (virtual) meeting place for all comics lovers.

Sébastien Vassant will start by giving a brief presentation of his work, and will then ask participants to draw on three subjects of his choice. The best drawings will be published on our social networks. No specific drawing skills or comics knowledge are required so do join us if you can.

Born in 1980 in France, Sébastien Vassant graduated in fine arts in Belgium. This led him to work in a bookshop, then as an independent publisher before starting his own career as a comics illustrator in 2006.

Mainly published by Futuropolis, he wrote numerous books both loved by critics and fans alike. His work includes a number of graphic novels, including L'Accablante apathie des dimanches à rosbif, which helped to launch his career as an illustrator, and his latest book, Les heures passées a contempler la mère. Written in collaboration with writer Gilles Lahrer, both these books tell intimate stories of individuals having to deal with significant moments in their lives. Vassant’s subtle and delicate drawing style give these stories additional depth and help to relay their emotional content.

In the last few years, Sébastien Vassant has also published a number of non-fiction comic books dealing mainly with French politics and history. Written in collaboration with directors or historians, these documentary comic books tackle a range of issues such as immigration, trade-union activism, decolonisation or the war. Mai 68: la veille du grand soir is a daily account of the revolt in France, seen through the eyes of both participants in the street and decision-makers in government. In 2017, Sébastien Vassant was awarded the “Prix Etudiant de la BD Politique” for Histoire dessinée de la guerre d’Algérie, which he worked on with historian Benjamin Stora, one of the world’s leading authorities on the history of Algeria. The book was praised for being an accurate account of events, incorporating the most recent historic research and allowing for a plurality of viewpoints.

Sébastien Vassant also regularly contributes to the French magazine La revue Dessinée and is co-director of the Maison Fumetti, a cultural institution dedicated to comic books and illustration in Nantes, where he now lives.

See his website for a complete list of his works:

Check out his Instagram account for drawings: @sebastienvassant

Drink & Draw with Sébastien Vassant - Tue 19 May | 6pm | £7, £5 concs. | In English

Book your tickets by contacting

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