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Top 5 documents about nature and the environment

Updated: May 1, 2020

Content cherry-picked by the librarians of the Médiathèque and the Quentin Blake Library.

Every day is Earth Day

The Great Animal Orchestra

The natural world can be a great acoustic and musical experience. First exhibited at the Fondation Cartier, The Great Animal Orchestra is an immersive and interactive sound installation which allows you to be surrounded by the sounds of animals recorded all around the world. Put your headphones on and let the voice of French singer Camille take you through the journey.

Chien Loup

Novelist Serge Joncour's takes us into the wilderness in a captivating story of a couple folded up in the middle of nowhere. An intense cohabitation between men and animals will follow. The novel was awarded by la Bibliothèque nationale de France Le Prix du roman d'écologie 2019.


Carthago is a series of French fantasy comics in ten episodes, drawn by Éric Henninot and written by Christophe Bec. This spooky yet beautiful story reminds us that natural resources are sought always further, always deeper; often at the risk of releasing monsters that we thought had long disappeared ...⁠

La Biodiversité

Follow renowned astrophysicist and ecologist Hubert Reeves on a trip to understand biodiversity. This comic book will teach kids how all beings coexist and why we need to protect nature to keep on living on our beautiful planet Earth.

Ouvre bien les yeux

Observation and reflection mingle and the colourful illustrations offer a unique way to think about nature and the protection of the environment.⁠

I am not a star but I shine in the night. Where am I?⁠

Ouvre bien les yeux by Dana Monceau and Maïlys Paradis is a fun book with plenty of riddles for kids (from 3+ years). ⁠

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