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French children's literature at the Montreuil book fair

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The 2018 edition of the South Ken Kids festival has officially started! The festival is the perfect occasion to celebrate children’s writing, illustration, translation, and children’s books in all their glory, coming from both sides of the Channel. 

To prepare for this week of workshops, live drawing sessions, meetings and so much more at South Ken, let's take a closer look at children's literature back in France.

The upcoming month will be full of events that honour children's literature: indeed, the Salon du Livre et de la presse jeunesse de Montreuil will take place between the 28th of November and the 3rd of December.

Held since 1984, the Montreuil book fair is a key event for French and international children’s literature. The theme of this 34th edition is ‘Our Futures’. The director of the Salon, Sylvie Vassalo, explains that this theme was chosen to highlight the plurality of issues that question the planet’s future, and to underline the diversity of actors who take part in the creation of a desirable future. 

More than 150 artists will take part in the events of the Salon, through various workshops, meetings, animations, and exhibitions.During the Salon, the Pépites prizes will be awarded by a panel composed of those who are the most concerned about children’s literature: the children themselves! Among the 18 books nominated in three different categories (best illustrated book, best novel, and best comic book), one will receive the ‘Pépite d’or’, the ultimate prize of the Salon, delivered by a professional panel.

Various publishing houses will be represented in the Salon:

- L'école des loisirs, an independent publisher based in Paris, founded in 1965

- Gallimard jeunesse, the a subsidiary component of Gallimard, founded as the youth literature deparment of the publishing house in1972  

- Actes Sud Junior, a branch of the publishing house based in Arles specialised in children's literature. 

If you are interested in children's literature, the South Ken Kids Festival's events and festivities await you! Learn more about our programme here.

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