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Heroines: A special exhibition celebrating women at the Lakes Comic Art Festival 2018

The Lakes Comic Art Festival are partnering for the first time with the Lyon BD Festival to launch the exhibition 'Hero(ine)s'.

Following the Carlisle opening last May, 'Hero(ine)s' is being presented on Friday 12 October in Kendal until the 14 November, and will be on tour in the UK from 2019.

The partnership between the Lakes Comic Art Festival and the Lyon BD Festival gathers artists from both sides of the Channel, developing a program of exchanges and events whose first significant step is 'Hero(ine)s' exhibition. Presented last May at the University of Cumbria, the event created a bond between both festivals and with the French, Finnish and Flemish Institutes in London, on behalf of the European Commission Representation in the UK.

'Hero(ine)s' is presented this October in Kendal during LICAF, which will be attended by the Lyon BD Festival team and JC Deveney. This event demonstrates the interest in female representation in comics and marks the beginning of a tour in UK, in partnership with LICAF and the Institut français.

'Women and female figures are underrepresented and quite often bound to stereotypes: women are an adjunct to the hero, as the helpful second, as the character to be rescued or taught, or as the target for seduction. Women often become solely passive subjects. We hope this exhibition will challenge both the comic industry and the audience to think again about the representation of women in comics.' Julie Tait, Director of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival said.

Artists include: Kaisa Leka (Finlande, « Imperfect »), Yan Le Pon (France, « Gold of the Dead »), Hélène Becquelin (Suisse, « Angry Mum »), Florence Dupré La Tour (France, « Cruelle »), Boulet (France, « Notes »), Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgique, « White Cube »), Steve Appleby (Angleterre, « Capitaine Star »), Charlie Adlard (Angleterre, « The Walking Dead »), Steve McGarry (Angleterre, « Badlands »),Virginie Augustin (France, « Monsieur désire ? »), and more.

More information:

> Exhibition 6 October – 12 November, Kendal Museum. Meet JC Deveney, the curator, in the gallery, Saturday 4.00pm-5.00pm, and Sunday noon-1.00pm. > Interview with JC Deveney, Steven Appleby and Kaisa Leka, «Alternative Hero(ine)s »,

Saturday 13 October, Brewery Arts Centre, Screen Two, 12.45-1.45pm.

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