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Illustrator Kris Di Giacomo, guest at the South Ken Kids Festival 2018

Illustator Kris Di Giacomo was invited to present her work at the Bibliothèque Quentin Blake, as part of the South Ken Kids Festival.

Born in Brazil to American parents, Kris now lives in Paris. She studied at Parsons School of Design in Paris. Kris Di Giacomo has illustrated more than forty children’s books in France, the U.S, and Canada with Kaléidoscope, Frimousse, Enchanted Lion, D'Eux, and more.

She makes quite a successful team with French author Michaël Escoffier, who was a guest at the South Ken Kids Festival 2016. Together, they published over 20 children's books, including Where's the BaBOOn?, Have you Seen My Trumpet , and Take Away the A.

Their last collaboration Si tu trouves un nuage was out in September in France.

In Where's the BaBOOn?, they created a real hide-n-seek game with words.

On every page, kids go through a word-within-a-word game combined with the fantastic animal-packed art of Kris Di Giacomo. The French equivalent book L'Anniversaire is also a success among the little ones.

We are very excited by Kris Di Giacomo' South Ken Kids Festival programme!

She will be offering a workshop where kids will explore her book Where’s the BaBOOn? and hunt for words hidden within words, answers hidden in pictures, and create their own illustrated word-play to take home.

More info & bookings here.

Kris Di Giacomo will participate in another event we all look forward to: Draw Me Some Music. Jean de Brunhoff’s famous little elephant Babar will be brought to life for the festival by French pianist Damien Luce playing Francis Poulenc's musical version of the Story of Babar, and Kris Di Giacomo will illustrate the story while it is narrated live. In the second part of the event, the children will be invited to draw what the piano inspire them.. A beautiful moment you should not miss!

More info & bookings here.

Recent books

. Si tu trouves un nuage (2018, Kaléidoscope)

. Le Bébé géant (2018, Kaléidoscope)

. Where's the BaBOOn (2016, Andersen Press)

. Take Away the A (2015, Andersen Press)

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