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New Magazine subscriptions at La Mediathèque

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

La Mediathèque is diversifying its offer with a number of new magazines available. From science, philosophy and current affairs to art and entertainment, there is something to satisfy all tastes and all ages.


DONG! is a magazine for teenagers up to 15 years old. The magazine dives into the world of young teens with great reports, interviews and games. The material is specifically adapted to allow the youngest to get a good understanding of current events that concern them directly. With a deliberate focus on graphics and writing, DONG! aims to satisfy the curiosity of teens and gives them all the tools they need to get a better grasp of the world around them.


Stay aware of the latest scientific and technological news with Science et Avenir. From natural sciences and environmental issues to mathematics and space exploration, Science et Avenir is a standard in the democratisation of science, offering quality reports and answers to major contemporary questions with each new issue.


Science Humaines aims to help us get a better understanding of human beings and the world in which they evolve through sociology, psychology, anthropology and other major fields of human sciences.


Causette is an openly feminist magazine made by women for women and about women. With its humorous tone and eccentric twist, Causette offers a refreshing perspective on women press, replacing beauty and fashion advices with interviews and investigations.

Le 1

In a world of mass communication, Le 1 makes the ambitious choice to focus in-depth on only one current topic per week. Each topic is addressed by different contributors from several angles such as philosophy, history, economics, art, literature or poetry. By focusing on quality rather than quantity, Le 1 seeks not only to inform but to inspire its readers while encouraging them to form their own personal opinions.


Alternatives Economiques is a magazine specializing in economic, social and political issues in France and in the world, with the goal of giving the general public all the tools necessary to understand the world and its issues.


Published on a monthly basis, Le Journal de la Maison is a style and design magazine offering numerous tips, ideas and DIY tutorials for anyone planning future designing projects or simply looking for inspiration.


Every month, Philosophie Magazine relates current events from a philosophical point of view. With each new issue, Philosophie Magazine aims to make the thoughts of the great philosophers accessible and reflects on the great questions of existence.


Published every four months, Polka Magazine is a magazine specialized in image and photography and aiming to tell, explain and decipher world news in their entirety and complexity. Polka Magazine is aimed at an audience with a thirst for art and truth.

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