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Night of ideas 2021: Video games about togetherness

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

From games promoting escapism to those that encourage players in analysing the world we live in, Marie Claire Isaaman introduces us to a selection of unmissable video games aligned with the themes of the Night of Ideas 2021: Together.

Introduction by Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Woman in Games

Not Tonight

'Not Tonight' is a video game produced by Panic Barn, where the player embodies a bouncer who needs to decide who can and can't enter a series of venues, in an alternative post-Brexit Britain.

Stardew Valley

Fancy a break off the real world? 'Stardew Valley' contains the right dose of escapism you need. This cartoonish-styled video game developed by Chucklefish solely expects you to do one thing: to develop your farm, and live your best life!


Media Molecule’s game creation system, 'Dreams', has the ambition to prove video games are for all. From maker to player, everyone can take part in creating new worlds, through creativity and collaboration!

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