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Reviews of L'école buissonière by Portland Place School

The pupils of Portland Place School reviewed the film l'école buissonnière by Nicolas Vanier which they saw as part of a day out at l'Institut Français du Royaume Uni.


This movie was set in the 1930s, the main character Paul who lived in a very strict orphanage which made feel as if he was in prison. Given to a lady of the countryside, Celestine and her husband, Borel, the rough gamekeeper of a big estate in Sologne. Paul, disobedient and stubborn, arrives in a mysterious area, that of a regal and wild region. The big forest, the misty ponds and the fields, everything here belongs to the Count of the Comte de La Salle. The Count tolerates poachers on the estate, but Borel is hunting them down and hoping to catch the best, Totoche. In the heart of Sologne, next to the poacher, a great nature lover, Paul will learn about life but also the forest and its secrets. An even a bigger secret that lies in his family.

I give this film a 4/5. I enjoyed the story but they never really explained the whole film.


Je pense que le film était extraordinaire et fantastique. Avec notre collège, Portland Place School, nous avons visité L’institut français et nous avons regardé L’école buissonnière, traduit a School of Life, dans l’anglais. Personnellement, j’ai trouvé que le film était beau et aussi très créatif. Bien que, j’étais beaucoup triste.

Merci beaucoup, L’institut français.


The movie is set in the 1930s in Paris about a boy that is a war orphan they find a family friend and then ask them to adopt she then brings this to a rich man’s house where he explores and has a lot of fun thigs the movie starts good but kind gets boring but it gets alright to the end. After the rich man dies then everyone are sad and also then in the end the kid gets the property because apparently the mum was the rich man’s daughter then the little kid gets everything and had fun hunting animals in the end with his gypsy girlfriend he met in the wood while trying to fish for food. Oh and also the family friend lady is cheating on her husband with the homeless dude that teaches the kid how to have fun and survive in the woods. Then they are all friends. Yay! TO BE HONEST IT WAS ALRIGHT IT WASN’T GOOD OR BAD. FOR ME IT WAS TOO PLAIN. LIKE PLAIN BREAD


It is Paris 1927, a family member was taking in a child of care from the orphanage. She was taking in a small boy named Paul Jean Scandal. Later that day they arrive at the “The school of life”. He takes a walk in the forest, he eventually bumps into a homeless poacher. The poacher teaches him how to fish, hunt, and observe nature ETC. Eventually we find out that the homeless poacher was cheating on the Pauls foster mother. Meanwhile the wife’s husband is out to hunt down the homeless poacher. However while all this is going on, the boy finds out that his mother was the daughter of the lord of the land. This shocks the whole family. Meanwhile the boy was interested in stag hunting.

I think the movie was very good because it showed a lot of stars and the landscape was very beautiful. The plot is very entertaining.


It is about a child, set in the 1900s, who has no parents and is adopted by the maid of the family of the boy for him to discover who he is and who is his family.

During his stay he finds out about a man who lives in the woods and does all sorts of outdoor activities, for example: fishing, hunting, and watching out and tracking deer and stags.

Je pense que c’etait extroadinare, intéressant et super. Les personnages étaient bien.


L'école buissonnière was set in Sologne (where the director was born), in the 1930’s. Paul the main character is an orphan living in a prison like orphanage in Paris who is adopted by a maid living on a rich counts land it is on this land where he meets an old poacher living on the land.

Je pense que ce film est extraordinaire mais triste et la région est très belle.


L’Ecole Buissonniere is a film about a young boy who gets taken in by a couple who works for a rich land owner. The movie was directed by Nicolas Vanier and is set in the 1930s in Sologne, France. Despite some frequent plot holes it was masked by beautiful scenery and heart-warming scenes. It was eye opening, especially the way it linked nature to the childs true family.

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