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Discover below a selection of five picture books around freedom chosen by our librarians.

With her walking stick and bamboo flute, the storyteller went from village to village, from country to country, taking each meeting as a gift. But one day, the war came and music was forbidden. Suddenly, all the villagers left the place when the storyteller played...

The grass is always greener on the other side! Monchou wants to go out and explore his backyard.

But once outside, things don't quite go as he imagined...

“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”... what does that mean?

Understand the French Republic motto and values through Pierre Gay’s everyday situations!

This funny and tender album features delicious little mice ruled by black cats. The mice revolt, chase black cats and elect as new leaders...white cats.

The trouble is only beginning!

Claire’s moving out, she’s leaving Paris. She has to change school, adapt and make new friends. Her mother is a doctor and will be the first female doctor in the city.

Claire dreams of becoming a cheerleader, a Shooting Star like Sylvie, her best friend.

Sylvie’s mom dreams of owning a pastry shop, but her husband doesn’t want her to work. In 1965, in France, it wasn’t easy for women to work but things changed.

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