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Top 5 picture books about friendship

Updated: May 11, 2020

You’ll find below our selection of five picture books proving that friends achieve better things when they are together!

Gogo and Golo are on a boat. Gogo falls into the water. Now, the two friends can't find each other anymore! A picture book by Nicolas Cavaillès and Marjorie Béal full of humour and colour. Be careful, not to lose sight of the characters!

This gorgeous picture book by Galia Tapiero and Barroux (Kilowatt) shows that differences between friends don’t matter as long as they love each other.

An elephant is about to cross the river. Two tigers ask him to take them on his back. Then three monkeys, a family of mongooses, a young cobra and finally a parrot. Loaded as a liner, the elephant flexes when a small spider falls gently on the parrot's head. The fragile crew falters… Splash! A funny tale with friendly animals by Véronique Massenot.

Leon has a big project, knitting the longest scarf in the world. Little by little his friends join him to help. Now, for sure, no one will ever be cold again ! An adorable and colorful story by Laurie Cohen and Marjorie Béal.

A poetic tale from Orianne Lallemand with bright illustrations about people: young and old, reds and yellows, those who have no houses and those who have them, those we know and others we don't. Different people yet the same.

In this bilingual picture book by Pascal Moutte, you’ll see two bears overcoming the barrier of language to become friends.

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