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Video games tackling environmental issues

Starting on the 31st of October, the COP26 will be held in Glasgow to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

In the video game industry, ecology has been an important topic since the 90’s. Lately, more and more games have dealt with the subject.

Here is a selection of French video games focusing on nature.

PAPER BEAST | 2020 - PEGI 3+

Studio: Pixel Reef

Available on: PS4, PS VR

This stunning exploration and adventure video game will take you to a new world born from the depths of the internet where nature is at the heart of everything; you will discover alternative paper wildlife in this fantastical universe where you need to create bonds with animals and solve puzzles.

AS FAR AS THE EYE | 2020 - PEGI – Not mentioned

Studio: Unexpected

Available on: PC

In this beautiful strategic game, you will play the Wind and you will be guiding the Pupils, a nomadic tribe connected to nature and wanting to reach the centre of the world, the Eye. You will be the one managing the tribe’s resources, crops and buildings while keeping an eye on the big wave threatening the land.

GROW HOME | 2015 - PEGI – 3+

Studio: Ubisoft

Available on: PC, PS4

In this fun adventure video game, you will play B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid), a tiny robot who wants to save his planet; you need to help him harvest the seed of a giant alien plant to oxygenate his planet. The aim is to climb the plant as high as possible.

DILUVIAN WINDS | 2021 - PEGI – Not mentioned

Studio: Goblinz Studio

Available on: PC

Diluvian Winds is a management/adventure game where players take the role of a lighthouse keeper and must prepare for the rising tides of the sea by building up a settlement that can withstand the increasingly devastating waves.

OUR GREATEST CHOICES | 2018 - PEGI – Not mentioned

Studio: ISART Digital

Available on: PC, Mobile

Your role in this game will be to make sure people work together to save the ecosystem of an endangered world. You will be exploring a world full of problems; and by keeping an eye on four tabs (forests, citizens’ mood, economy and pollution), you will be making changes to restore the planet.

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