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2020 | Best children's books (0-6)

Here are our librarians' picks for the best picture books of 2020 and there is one for every taste! Younger ones can discover classic or revisited tales, use their imagination while learning their ABC or fall asleep while listening to unusual yet adorable friendship stories. Older ones can develop a better understanding of the world thanks to beautiful non-fiction books, unless, they would rather follow the adventures of modern princesses or escape to faraway lands alongside awesome heroines.


Les larmes, Sibylle Delacroix | Bayard Jeunesse

This duotone artwork about tears is gorgeous!

The words subtlety mix with Sybille Delacroix’ lovely pencil illustrations.

A picture book worth reading for children and grown-ups alike!

Occupé, Matthieu Maudet | L'école des loisirs

Red Riding Hood would love to go to the bathroom but... it's busy!

A little pig arrives, and must also wait.

A second little pig arrives, and must stand in line too!

An entertaining picturebook about potty training signed by the talented Matthieu Maudet.

La petite poule rousse, Julien Marolle | Bamboo éditions

Once upon a time, two hungry foxes put together the most devilish plans to catch their neighbour, a hen, and have her for supper! Alas, the little hen is smarter than they imagined, and chasing her, quickly becomes a challenge.

This wordless version of La Petite Poule Rousse is an ideal read to let toddlers discover the vast world of comics.

Amis, Grégoire Solotareff | L'école des loisirs

A solitary bird was waiting in utter boredom until he meets an elephant; a huge elephan that scares him. So when a smaller elephant arrives, the little bird is very happy!

A tender tale about friendship from the brilliant author-illustrator Grégoire Solotareff.

Borrow from the library

Abcdaire des métiers qui n'existent pas , Claudine Morel | Didier Jeunesse

This picture book is an anthology of made up jobs punctuated with great humour and tenderness in both texts and drawings. Written by Claudine Morel, this picture book celebrating imagination is a beautiful homage to children's creativity!


Le chemin de Jada, Laura Nsafou & Barbara Brun | Cambourakis

Iris and Jada are twin sisters and alike in every point except for their skin complexion. Their grandma even tells Jada she'd be prettier if she weren't as dark as a Night's child. Jada wishes she could join these children. Maybe she'd feel like she belongs around them.

From there starts for Jada a quest to self-love that will help her realise how beautiful and unique she is!

Contes d'un autre genre, Gaël Aymon | Talents hauts

Princesses don't always need to be saved, while some princes dream of it.

Using the codes of traditional fairy tales, Gael Aymon offers the reader three modern stories that deconstruct gender stereotypes!

Worry not, these stories contain their fair share of enchantment, but heroes and heroines do not intend to let their conduct be dictated and they do not play the roles usually expected of them.

Vézovèle Tüpoleck, Delphine Perret | Les fourmis rouges

Vézovèle is a tiny creature who loves changing shape. When he goes to visit humans, he decides to become a dog, which turn out to be a clever decision for a tiny creature who's only wish is to be loved. It is also perfect for tasting fries and follow the annual summer sports tournament.

Vézovèle never gets bored. He takes a bite out of life, like a worm in an apple!

A picture book divided into three chapters signed by the award-winning author Delphine Perret.

L'écrivain, Davide Cali & Monica Barengo | Passepartout

L’écrivain is an adorable picture book in which the reader follows a writer’s life from their dog’s perspective.

The dog considers himself as his human's carer: he needs to remind the writer to eat, rest, go out, etc. He might even be the one to help him find love!

A heart-warming picture book for all the dogs lovers out there, illustrated by none other than Davide Cali and Monica Barengo!

Des vacances timbrées, Mathilde Poncet | Les fourmis rouges

From her holiday camp, Alice sends a letter to her grandmother and tells her about the activities, the other children, the landscapes… In the text, words hint at the activities of a traditional summer camp, nevertheless, the illustrations create a magical discrepancy between what Alice says and what the reader sees.

Far from boring, Alice's time at summer camp is what we can call: a crazy holiday!


Coco le virus, le coronavirus expliqué aux enfants, Paul & Marguerite De Livron | Larousse

Coco le Virus is a perspicuous non-fiction book created to help adults find the best words to explain the pandemic to kids and make them feel safe.

Each double-page deals with a different subject: everyday life superheroes, masks, lockdown, grief, etc.

A necessary book that doesn't lack humour!

Les rides, JR | Phaidon

In this arresting picture book, readers are invited to reflect on the beauty found in wrinkles through a series of tender black and white portraits by photographer JR. Definitely, a piece of artwork to put in every hand!

Je mange de tout ! Bouttier Guérive & Bécuel | Nathan

Why can't we just eat cakes? Why is it important to taste a bit of everything? What's the point of chewing slowly? Does soup really make you grow taller?

A child's curiosity is never satisfied, and this non-fiction book is of great help to answer all of their questions about food!

Borrow from the library

Ma famille est recomposée, Sophie Furlaud & Laurent Simon | Casterman

Aimée's parents are separated. Her mom has a new companion and even a new baby. How's Dad doing when she's not there with him? Does Mum miss her when she's not around? Between her baby brother, her step-father and his daughter... Who's part of Aimée's family? Accompanied by her great friend Mehdi, Aimée will gradually find answers to her questions and ease her concerns.

J'ai le droit de sauver ma planète, Alain Serres & Aurélia Fronty | Rue du monde

Children have a right to be taken seriously. They are also entitled to a healthy planet and have the right to say "Stop! Let's treat Earth better! This non-fiction book by Alain Serres & Aurélia Fronty encourages children to stand up and protect the planet!

Borrow from the library

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