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2022 | Best Children's Books (6+)

Discover our favourite picks of this year for children over six and teenagers. The books we've chosen tackle important social matters as well as the challenges kids can face, in ways that are perfectly accessible and not too heavy for them.


Mon corps m'appartient ! : respect, intimité, consentement, parlons-en, Isabelle Filliozat, Margot Fried-Filliozat | Nathan jeunesse

This non-fiction book is a good entry for addressing the big question of sexuality, with its emphasis on the importance of consent. It can also be a good tool to discuss abuse, especially sexual abuse, as the book very organically presents facts, data and the current laws, as well as describing abusive behaviours and a victim's typical reactions (self-blaming, fear of revenge...).

This book highlights the importance of listening to our minds and body, and to say no when we feel something is not right.

Easy Read

La cabane interdit aux grands (1) : Enfin tranquille ! Marion Achard, Vérane Cottin | Milan

Charline's parents stopped properly talking to each other when they separated, and one day, neither of them comes to pick up their daughter at school. This is the last straw for her, so she decides that she will now live on her own, in her grandmother's garden shed. The return of her parents, and their instant fighting and blaming, doesn't help to convince her to come out... For once, they will have to talk to each other to settle this.

Novels (6-12 years old)

La petite rom de Paris, Pascal Teulade | La Joie de lire

This novel depicts the lives of a Romani family, still a rare subject in children's literature.

Luludja and her family leaves Romania for Paris in hope of a better life. But they will unfortunately face the hardships of their people, such as the fear of being chased from their campsite at any moment, the xenophobia and intolerance, and the difficulties of making money.

The reader follows the young girl Luludja and the choices she has to make to survive in Paris.

Les sœurs Hiver, Jolan C. Bertrand | L'école des loisirs

This fantasy novel takes place in a North country where Vikings, the Sámi, trolls and other mystic creatures live together.

Winter has become harsh since the youngest of the Winter sisters disappeared, leaving the old one sad and angry. One day, on his way to retrieve the goods trolls have stolen from the Vikings town, Ragnar gets abducted by her. His young nephew, Alfred, has to go on a quest to find the young Winter sister in hope that the oldest one will exchange her for his uncle.

A novel full of adventures with beautiful illustrations to depict this cold universe.

Novels (teenagers)

Hana Thierry, les hirondelles et autres noms d'oiseaux, Touria Arab-Leblondel | Milan

Born from a Franco-Moroccan couple, the young Hana will question her cultural identity throughout the new school year. Coming from a quiet suburb, she is starting secondary school in the town next door in a more disadvantaged area where she will face the more precarious reality of her peers. She will indeed discover the dramas of exile, unruly students, incredible life stories, but also the significance of religion, committed and fascinating teachers, and the importance of friendship.

La team collège (2) : Tous en jupe, Delphine Pessin | Poulpe fictions

In this follow-up novel, Delphine Pessin tackles again bullying at school, precisely cyber-bullying, but also sexism and gender stereotypes.

After the "elegant day" that takes place in their school, where everyone wore clothes a bit different than usual, some boys put on social medias close-up pictures of the chest and bums of Valentine and Louna. This will trigger a lot of different reactions, such as a school-phobia for Valentine, a deep anger from Louna, some laughs, some concerns. Suddenly, everyone has something to say about girls' bodies and how they should cover them.

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