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5 adventure picture books to celebrate summer

Summer is often synonymous with adventure, whether with family, friends or on your own. Here are 5 picture books that celebrate travel, freedom and the beauty of the nature. On foot, by bike or by boat, let's explore!

Book cover: Maurane le bob est une aventurière by Julie Bullier

Maurane le bob est une aventurière (3+)

Julie Bullier

What if our everyday objects came to life, what would they do? This fun and joyful series, Les bidules chouettes, sets out to answer the question. Without a doubt, Maurane the bucket hat is an adventurer. So, she decides to set off with friends into unknown territory... This little book, full of puns and funny references, will delight children and parents alike.

Book cover: Polka et Hortense - La grande aventure by Astrid Desbordes and Marc Boutavant

Polka et Hortense - La grande aventure (3+)

Astrid Desbordes and Marc Boutavant

The intrepid Polka leads the cautious Hortense on an adventure. The two friends set off to see what lies on the other side of the mountain. It's far away, it's high up and no-one has yet ventured that far. The two mice go deep into the forest, where they meet Edmond the squirrel, and then start to climb the mountain. But ouch !... Polka's hurt, should Hortense go on alone? The flashy colours of the illustrations enhance this cute story of hiking, friendship and bravery.

Book cover: Nous avons rendez-vous by Marie Dorléans

Nous avons rendez-vous (4+)

Marie Dorléans

Adventure begins with a journey. In this book, the journey begins at night, when parents wake their children and whisper in their ear that they need to go, they have something planned for them. They must get up, get ready, put their shoes on and start their journey by starlight. Where are they going? It's enigmatic, but well worth the wait, for the surprise will be wonderful. A picture book about the beauty of the world and sharing an adventure with the family.

Book cover: Au bout du monde et sans tomber by Béatrice Fontanel and Pauline Kalioujny

Au bout du monde et sans tomber (3+)

Béatrice Fontanel and Pauline Kalioujny

This adventure takes place on a bike. A little girl, as intrepid as she is fearless, dreams of being a champion cyclist and trains hard, despite a few falls. This passion continues with the desire to travel the world by bicycle. Little by little, the beautiful landscapes take up more and more space on the pages as her horizon expands. A picture books that makes you want to set out and discover the world on two wheels!

Book cover: L’expédition by Stéphane Servant and Audrey Spiry

L’expédition (5+)

Stéphane Servant and Audrey Spiry

This picture book takes the form of a travel diary. It begins when the narrator is still very young girl. All she wants to do is sail the seas. Her life will be shaped by this destiny and will take her on many adventures. A magnificent book about the thirst for freedom and the richness of encounters. The flamboyant illustrations are an invitation to travel and make you want to set off on an adventure of your own.


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