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5 female characters breaking gender stereotypes in video games

Video games have long been known for reinforcing gender stereotypes through biased and hypersexualised female characters. Fortunately, as the industry matures, the ongoing reflection around women’s perception in this sector is leading to the development of more interesting girls and women characters. Here is a list of five female characters breaking gender stereotypes in games released during these past five years.

BEFORE I FORGET | 2020 - PEGI non mentioned

Studio: 3-Fold Games (United Kingdom)

Available on: PC, Mac and Linux

Before I forget' was created by Co-founder of POC in Play and former journalist Chella Ramanan alongside self-taught programmer and artist, Claire Morwood.

This game is a narrative exploration of the character of Suniita who lives with dementia. Examine mysterious objects and her fragmented memories to learn more around Sunita’s past and present life.


Developed by: Douze Dixièmes (France) Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

In this stunning artwork filled with twists and surprises, a little girl and her shadow navigate through the fragility of the human mind, between fears and anxiety. Both must learn, cooperate and evolve to progress in this poetic black and white dream-like journey, mixing 2D and 3D gameplay.


Studio: Asobo (France)

Available on: PS4, Xbox One et PC

Fifteen-year-old Amicia de Rune and her brother Hugo, haven’t had much contact growing up. Because of an unknown disease, Hugo, who is five, stayed in isolation for most of his life. It’s 1349 and The Kingdom of France is being devastated by the plague, so when the Inquisition comes for the boy, the brave teenager risks it all to save him. Between the soldiers and the rats, the two orphans will have to fight for their survival in this stealth horror video game.

'A Plague Tale: Innocence' was awarded six Pegasus by the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques - including one for best video game character.

BURY ME, MY LOVE | 2017 - PEGI 7

A co-production by: The Pixel Hunt, Figs and Arte France Available on: PC - Android and iOS - Nintendo Switch

"Bury me, my Love" is an Arabic expression meaning “Take care”, “Don’t even think about dying before I do”. This award-winning game is a reality-inspired interactive fiction designed for mobile phones. You will play Majd, she is a Syrian refugee and Nour’s husband and you will have to advise her as best as you can so she can reach Europe safely. Even though Nour will not always do as you say and might hide things from you, the happy unfolding of her journey depends on you.


Disclaimer: This game for +16 contains violence (racism, verbal aggression, graphic descriptions)

Developer : Gabrielle Barboteau (France) Available on : PC

2022. Neo-Rennes is a town controlled by a terrible monster and only the Magical Girls can stop it. Alas, the girls are either dealing with fear, trauma or arguing. Time is ticking and only you, their Mentor can bring them back to reason.

Behind the fantasy, this narrative game developed in 48 hours questions the player about the meaning of sisterhood while dealing with social issues such as race, trans identity and religion.

Find the game here : Magical Girl Disorder

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