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Dear Britain: Riad Satouf, and other European writers on Brexit

Ahead of the Brexit referendum, The Guardian asked leading authors and thinkers from EU countries to write letters to Britain. Do they want us to stay, or are they ready to say goodbye?

French cartoonist Riad Sattouf submitted a small comic strip we would like to share with our readers.

For other moving texts by Elena Ferrante (Italy), Javier Marías (Spain), Timur Vermes (Germany), Anne Enright (Ireland), Yanis Varoufakis (Greece), Jonas Jonasson (Sweden), Kapka Kassabova (Bulgaria), Slavoj Žižek (Slovenia), and Cees Nooteboom (The Netherlands), read the full article from The Guardian.

Riad Sattouf is a much appreciated author here at the Institut Français du Royaume Uni and you can borrow his graphic novels at la Mediathèque. We highly recommend the series L'Arabe du Futur and La vie secrète des jeunes. Besides The Arab of the Future has been translated from French to English by Sam Taylor and published by Two Roads.

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